Positive Spin

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With a human touch and humour

Concept development

In a world of telephone queues, chatbots and AI, it can be a great advantage to clearly show that there are people behind the company and that the customers are met at eye level – with warmth, charm and a good mood.

Everything from signs to customer service can be optimized to give the customer a good and present experience, and with a little luck lead to more ❤️ positive publicity out in the world.

It must of course be adapted to the company and the customer group, so that it never seems dishonest or creates misunderstandings.

We’ll probably find something that will make your customers smile! 😀

"Your order was received by our robot Verner. If we have questions about the order, you will be contacted by Verner's human colleague Mikkel."
From brødkusken.dk